Packaging Design

QCIS offers a full-service design team in order to help you create and maintain your packaging solutions.  In many cases, the design service is built into the cost of our products with no additional charges. 

Here are a few examples of the types of services that we offer:

  • Design from part
  • Design from spec
  • Design from drawing
  • Coming soon design from 3D CAD data
  • End-User packaging requirements analysis and compliance
  • Rapid 3D visualization
  • Rapid Design – Sample – revision cycle
  • On-site informal testing
  • UN, DOT, HazMat and ISTA testing
  • OSHA and safety compliance
  • Recyclability analysis – once the packaging has done its job and safely conveyed the product to the end-user, we want our designs to be easy to break down and separate into components that can be recycled or reused. We work with customers and sometimes their customers to ensure that this can be accomplished efficiently.