CNC/CAD Table Cutting

QCIS operates a production CAD cutting machine.  It is capable of cutting, perforating, and scoring a wide range of materials. Once a drawing has been created, setup takes about 5 minutes, and then production can begin. No special tooling required, and no expensive upfront costs. Because the machine is designed for speed and efficiency, it can handle order quantities in the hundreds if needed. This tool has proven invaluable for rapid deployment of new solutions, for larger trial runs, and for temporary resolution of inventory shortages. This efficiency allows QCIS to provide this service with very competitive pricing.

  • Rapid implementation of new designs in corrugated, foam, corrugated plastic and chipboard
  • Small orders, Trial shipments, PPAP and pre-production orders
  • Design changes “on the fly” run small quantities for start-up and perfect the design before purchasing tooling for production volumes
  • Lower volume items – create complex designs without the need for expensive tooling

Magellan Box Making Machine

QCIS always strives to achieve the right balance of risk and responsiveness to meet customer needs. In the rapidly changing landscape of packaging, it can be very difficult to achieve the right level of inventory. Too much safety stock can create obsolescence when design changes occur, or when usage decreases suddenly. On the other hand, too little safety stock can lead to material shortages during volume spikes. With the capability of producing 200 or more boxes or trays per hour with minimal setup, this machine is a great tool for efficient inventory management.

This tool has an array of preset box styles available at the operator’s fingertips, and can be used to quickly replenish inventory for standard styles in single and double-wall corrugated, as well as corrugated plastic.


  • Standard RSC, HSC, folder, tray, scored pad and partition styles
  • Ability to save layouts and recall at a later date for consistency
  • Fast setup times – under 5 minutes for most products
  • 1-color printing available 12” wide print, repeatable after 24” spacing


Our Bearcat flatbed die cutter, produced by RJE equipment, is used to produce low volume corrugated items that are too complex to make on our other box making equipment. It uses inexpensive tools and quick setup time. Corrugated sheets are laced on top of a steel rule die on a plywood backing. The material passes under a roller that compresses it into the die, and then foam strips on the die eject the finished part as it exits the roller section. Depending on the design, speeds of up to 300 parts per hour can be achieved.


A brand new creation of RJE machinery, the innovative Magellan P55 short – run partition slotter has recently been added. It features automated feed and stacking capabilities, and fast setup times, so we can quickly and efficiently produce small to medium quantities of partition strips with no additional tooling. It will cut both single-wall and double-wall corrugated, and some thicknesses of corrugated plastic.