Assembly & Kitting

Simple or complex, QCIS can put boxes and packaging materials together to make it easier for our customers to prepare shipments. Some packs require staplers, hot melt glue, and or other tools that are not typically found in a manufacturing environment. Other packs may require time-consuming assembly. Some customers prefer to let QCIS take on those tasks to allow their personnel to focus on making the product. QCIS can stock appropriate amounts of flat components and assembled pack sets (or kits). This allows QCIS to deliver reasonable quantities when the customer needs. It also helps to free up space in our customers’ shipping areas.

We offer a VMI (vendor managed inventory) to some customers. A QCIS representative will walk the floor at their plant to collect data on their kit inventories. Then, based on pre-determined min and max levels, QCIS will automatically deliver a kit order for the day. The frequency of the counts is timed out with min-max levels and forecasting data, so the supply remains steady.

Our kits are designed for efficient, economical assembly, and for fast and easy pack out. If needed, we can also provide detailed pack out instructions. We are also flexible on design, configuration and unitization to help optimize pack-out ergonomics.