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About Us

QC Industrial Solutions is a packaging company that specializes in timely delivery and excellent customer service. We currently have three warehouses, Paris, TN, Pleasant View, TN and Hopkinsville KY.

We have four main goals:

  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo build strong, long-term relationships with our valued customers by giving them our very best in products and services with fair pricing. We hope to provide one single source for all packaging needs.
  • To consistently increase our line of products in order to satisfy all of our customers’ needs. We endeavor to do this through fair and ethical treatment of our suppliers. Suppliers are selected based on a set of criteria that we have established with our customers’ needs in mind, not just based on who is the “cheapest” at the moment.
  • To carefully expand into new areas with a focus on creating steady jobs for honest, hard-working people. We strive to provide a good working environment, where reliability, hard work, and creativity are rewarded.
  • To be good citizens of the communities we serve, participating appropriately in local charities and events. This can be very challenging, with limited budgets, and so many worthy causes to choose from. We try to contribute where we feel it will do the most good for the most people.

We strive to meet our customers’ needs with a mixture of stock and custom packaging products.

Our ultimate goal is to provide everything needed to get the product out the door. We offer effective packaging solutions, and strive to find our customers a cost savings. We currently serve the Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee, and Southern Kentucky areas.

Boxed kitsWe also offer several different types of services such as kitting and inventory management. Boxes that are built into “kits” are delivered assembled and ready to be loaded with our customers’ products. This can provide a real savings, allowing customers to keep their specialized employees focused on using their valuable skills and knowledge to build the product that goes into the box. A typical kit might consist of a pallet, a box, a lid, and some internal packaging to secure the product in transit. Our inventory management policies are tailored to the needs of each individual program. We do everything for run-and ship to just-in-time supply to vendor managed inventory on site at our customer’s plant.

When we manage inventory for our customers and deliver as required. This reduces the need for storage space in the customer’s facility, and frees up manufacturing space, which is so valuable in today’s market. By simplifying month-end inventories, and significantly reducing on-hand quantities, this service also frees up personnel to fulfill other needs of you company.

We sell all forms of expendable packaging, which includes corrugated RSC’s, HSC’s, tubes, pads, die-cuts and partitions.

We also provide:

  • stretch wrap
  • steel and plastic strapping, seals, buckles, and tools
  • labels and card stock, printed and plain, plus thermal transfer printer ribbons
  • foam padding (PE, EPS, CLPE, EPE, EPP, PU, etc)
  • foam sheeting
  • bubble wrap
  • poly-bags and film (HDPE and LDPE)
  • plastic end caps (HDPE, MDPE, LDPE)
  • metal bail ties
  • VCI bags, paper, film, and other products
  • desiccant packs
  • various epoxy and adhesive products
  • tape – masking, duct, vinyl, carton sealing, kraft, flat back, reinforced, Teflon, and other specialty tapes
  • single-face, honey comb and other specialized paper products
  • kraft paper – plain and coated
  • angle boards
  • fiber tubes
  • returnable containers and plastic dunnage designed specifically for customer programs

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about the products we carry.