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The Magellan

Effective inventory management for your business.

Picture of the Magellan box machine

QCIS always strives to achieve the right balance of risk and responsiveness to meet customer needs.  In the rapidly changing landscape of packaging, it can be very difficult to achieve the right level of inventory.  Too much safety stock can create obsolescence when design changes occur, or when usage decreases suddenly.  On the other hand, too little safety stock can lead to material shortages during volume spikes.  With the capability of producing 200 or more boxes or trays per hour with minimal setup, the Magellan box making machine will be a great tool for efficient inventory management.

This tool has an array of preset box styles available at the operator’s fingertips, and can be used to quickly replenish inventory for standard styles in single and double-wall corrugated, as well as corrugated plastic.


  • Standard RSC, HSC, folder, tray, scored pad and partition styles
  • Ability to save layouts and recall at a later date for consistency
  • Fast setup times – under 5 minutes for most products
  • 1-color printing available 12” wide print, repeatable after 24” spacing