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QCIS Green Initiative

QC Industrial Solutions values the environment and the world’s resources. So we do our best to do our part with recycling and conservation efforts.


box recyclingWe collect and recycle corrugated, paper, metal items, cans, pallets and lumber, printer cartridges, and plastic materials in our warehouses and offices.

While most of these efforts do not generate revenue, we feel it is essential to keep all reusable materials out of landfills. We have relationships with local recyclers to meet these ends.


We seek to conserve fuel and energy through efficient use of our resources. By working with customers’ schedules to synchronize shipments and fill our trucks, we are able to reduce miles driven by our delivery vehicles. This has a positive environmental impact as well as providing fuel savings that we can pass along to our customers. We have motion-sensitive on-demand lighting in our Hopkinsville facility, so that we only use power in active areas of the warehouse.

We hope that these efforts will help to minimize our environmental footprint.

Green Packaging

recycle logoWe are constantly working with suppliers to find ‘green’ packaging solutions that fulfill our customer’s needs. By incorporating recycled and recyclable content, we hope to provide cost effective and eco-friendly solutions.

We also work with customers to utilize innovative lighter materials that do the job better with less material. One example is down-gauging of stretch wrap. By using a thinner film that is made with a stronger resin, we are able to cut down on the total amount of material while providing comparable performance.


We are committed to being a clean company as part of our good citizenship policy. We avoid the use of hazardous materials unless absolutely necessary, and we ensure proper disposal of any such materials that are occasionally required. We also run trucks with DEF fuel additives that improve the cleanliness of exhaust emissions.

QCIS is committed to doing what we can to help protect the environment, and conserve our precious resources.